Justice for Roofers



Roofers and Waterproofers Local 156 Eugene, Oregon is engaged in both top-down and bottom-up organizing campaigns in the Willamette Valley area of Central Oregon. We are centering the campaigns in the cities of Eugene, Springfield and Salem, the capital. Our first organizing action was to establish a banner on the Lowe’s warehouse, a fourteen thousand square project in Lebanon. The project was awarded to Mountain States Roofing from Gardenia, Idaho. In addition we are also handing out leaflets explaining our campaign. Some people who have taken the leaflet and asked if they can copy them and distribute them elsewhere! Local 156 has an active organizing committee that helps out with the hand-billing and banner work.

Local 156 has implemented a top-down approach by using the marketing folders provided by the International Union along with information and background on the Local. These folders are sent out on a biweekly basis with follow-up calls made in alternating weeks.

Roofer’s Local 156 is also contacting non-union workers on the job and on the streets. New Organizer G.D. (Jerry) Whitefield has contacted workers to ask about their conditions and to inform them that the Union is there to support them. He is handing out post cards so that they can contact the Union when they are seeking future employment. By doing this the Local Union can keep a database of all the roofers in the area who are available for work. Having these post cards can also be beneficial when approaching a non-union contractor from the top down.

Finally, Local 156 is cooperating in a campaign against a Washington State roofing contractor. Local 156, Local 49 in Portland, Local 153 in Tacoma WA, Local 54 in Seattle and Local 189 in Spokane have been meeting to coordinate and develop a strategic bottom-up campaign and to assist each other in top-down plans. One or more contractors that travel around Oregon and Washington doing roofing work can be targeted for organizing by using this collective approach. We share the burden of research, printing and other costs.