Justice for Roofers

Nu-Tec Roofing has also found itself in problems with State and City officials because of their business practices. A sampling of some of their recent problems in the State of Ohio gives some good examples what clients face when signing awarding bids to Nu-Tec.

On September 14th, 2005, a letter was sent out by the Ohio Department of Commerce finding that Nu-Tec Roofing had been in violation of the Ohio Prevailing Wage Law for work on the Franklin County Memorial Hall. According to Case # 02-426-2 “A determination has been issued for back wages.” Nu-Tec was forced to pay back wages and was also issued a fine equal to the amount of what they owed their workers by not paying them according to the law. The letter was signed by Robert S. Kennedy, Wage and Hour Bureau for the Division of Labor and Worker Safety for the Ohio Department of Commerce.

When Nu-Tec makes the lowest bid on a project but fails to get the necessary bonding for the job, that can also be costly to anyone who wants to do business with them. On May 11th, 2004, the Columbus, Ohio, City Council passed two ordinances (0762-2004 and 0766-2004) authorizing the Public Services Director to enter into two contracts with Nu-Tec Roofing for a total of $116,000 each in order to renovate the roofs of two Refuse Administration buildings. Later, the Columbus City Bulletin of July 30th, 2005 announced “Nu-Tec Roofing Contractors, LLC failed to obtain a necessary performance bond and did not renovate the roofs. The Public Service Department is working in conjunction with the City attorney’s Office to recoup the difference between the $232,000 price bid by Nu-Tec Roofing Contractors, LLC and the current costs to replace these roofs.”

Nu-Tec Roofing has also had problems dealing with hazardous materials. On September 2nd, 2003, Nu-Tec was found to be in violation of the Ohio Administrative Code. Among the violations was the failure to file a uniform hazardous materials application. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) asked for $2,187.50 in fines from Nu-Tec Roofing. After a settlement was reached, Nu-Tec agreed to pay a civil forfeiture of $1,687.50 to the Treasurer of the State of Ohio. The findings, according to Case # 03-375-TR-CVF, state that the violations “…may be included in the Nu-Tec’s Safety-Net record and history of violations, insofar as they may be relevant for purposes of future penalty actions”.

Nu-Tec had a similar problem in Ohio that same year. On July 26th, 2003, Nu-Tec Roofing agreed to a settlement with the PUCO for a violation of the Ohio Administrative Code and the Federal Code of Regulations. The agreement signed by both parties, the PUCO and Nu-Tec, agrees that Nu-Tec failed “…to instruct a category of employee’s in hazardous material regulations” and “transporting a shipment of hazardous material without proper shipping paper”. After a preliminary determination that Nu-Tec should pay $2,200 for the violations, the agreement reached declared that Nu-Tec would pay $1,100 to the State of Ohio, according to case # 03-1111-TR-CVF.

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