Justice for Roofers

Before deciding on doing business with Nu-Tec Roofing, one should be aware of their past industry record. Nu-Tec has a history of serious safety violations at their worksites, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Former employees have told horror stories about the conditions in which they had to work. State and local officials have ruled against the company for issues such as violating Prevailing Wage law, or the failure to complete work because of Nu-Tec’s inability to get proper bonding for the job. Newspapers have reported on Nu-Tec’s problems with leaky roofs they were said to have completed, a worker dying on one of their job sites, and even one of their cranes falling over and crashing onto a restaurant with customers inside. If you don’t know how Nu-Tec Roofing operates, it could be a very costly and dangerous omission.

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