Justice for Roofers


What Workers Can Do

Join a Union and Fight for Worker Justice

Our union organizing victories in Las Vegas and in Phoenix have shown that "together, construction workers can fight for their rights:


  • A Living Wage
  • A Say in Working Conditions
  • Overtime Pay
  • Health Benefits
  • Dignity and Safety at Work

In the Southwest, only a small minority of construction workers are in unions. Repressive employers and unhelpful labor laws make it very difficult for workers to organize.

But our campaign has shown that smart strategy and well-targeted resources can be a winning combination.

Equally important, they won a measure of dignity and a sense of solidarity in fighting for their rights as workers.

What You Can Do For Worker Justice

  • CALL MAJOR HOMEBUILDER CORPORATIONS to urge them to spearhead an industry-wide push for worker justice: health care, job safety, and fair wages for all their workers.
  • FOLLOW YOUR CONSCIENCE Join the workers in their fight to make homebuilder corporations show respect for the people who build the homes they sell and for the people who buy them.
  • SUPPORT A FOCUS ON WORKER JUSTICE ISSUES IN YOUR RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES Speak up and ask for moral, material, and political support from congregations, friends and neighbors.
  • SUPPORT "LIVING WAGE" CAMPAIGNS in cities and counties in which workers are asking local governments to ensure their contractors pay a decent wage for construction or repair of schools, city halls, etc.
  • CHECK OUT THE WEBSITES of various organizations who struggle for worker justice:
    Las Vegas Interfaith Council for Worker Justice
    National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice
    Jobs With Justice
  • PUSH FOR VIGOROUS AND FAIR ENFORCEMENT OF FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL LABOR LAWS governing safety, working conditions and fair wages. Prevent retaliation by employers and INS.

Allies: U.S. and International Campaigns for Worker Justice

A broad-based movement for worker justice has emerged to struggle for improving working conditions.

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